The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced a new set of 31 sterilization facilities where they are required to report the Ethylene Oxide Release in TRI Reporting Requirements. Those lists of facilities are not currently reported in the ETO release. Under the EPCRA, the EPA Administration broaden the TRI reporting requirements to these sterilization facilities, which helps the agency to improve the health and environmental hazard control system in terms of Ethylene Oxide Release.

EPA selected these facilities based on the overall production of Ethylene oxide per year, the environment around the facility, history of releases, and other factors like facilities nearby schools, communities, population centers, etc. Since Ethylene Glycol is also present in the TRI Reporting List, the facilities are required to report the release of Ethylene Glycol if available in their facility. “Requiring companies that use the largest amounts of ETO in this industry sector to report on this chemical will help inform EPA’s future actions and ensure that communities have access to the best information available so they can take necessary action.” Said Michael Freedhoff, AAO of chemical safety.

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