APA in collaboration with IIT-Madras is gearing up on Geriatric Chairs

About 10% of the Indian Population belonged to the Senior Category as of 2019. This proportion is expected to double by 2050. Based on the report by the ‘Technical Group on Population Projections for India and its States’ between 2011-2036, Kerala followed by Tamil Nādu, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh account for the maximum senior population.

Thus, the mandate “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours. – Tia Walker” perfectly fits the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ideals” At APA, we wanted to brighten the lives of our ‘Senior Citizens’ as our way of thanking them for their lifelong endeavour to raise the “next generation.” They need our attention, care, and support. Even everyday activities like ‘sitting and standing’ cause discomfort with age. Standing up from a sitting position is crucial for older adults to live independently. Subsequently, we partnered with IITM (Indian Institute of Technology Madras) to jointly Design and Develop a ‘Geriatrics Friendly Chair’ as a part of our Philanthropic responsibility.

IITM would be extensively involved in the research of this subject matter, which includes a detailed study of Sit to Stand mechanism in the elderly, analysis, and review of existing geriatric-friendly chairs to understand their pros and cons, design of new ergonomic geriatric chairs to its development and prototyping. APA would work in tandem with IITM during the design and development phase and successfully aid in implementing the prototype.

Moving forward together

The mutual partnership between APA & IITM was influenced by multiple factors:

  • The vision to create a positive impact beginning with our local community. IITM frequently organizes social activities to inspire and instil good values among young and brilliant minds.
  • Engineering is one of our core competencies; IIT Madras is known globally for excellence in engineering, research, entrepreneurship, and industrial consultancy, earning them the title of ‘Institute of Eminence’ and ‘Institute of National Importance.’
  • Our founder an IIT alumnus, wished to pay it forward to the institute which greatly shaped him professionally.

The agreement was officiated on 29th September 2022 which also states the shared responsibilities between IITM & APA. Wish us well!