[Expert Webinar]

70% Cost Savings using APA Conflict Minerals Automation Software

29th June

3:00 PM CET & 10:00 AM PST

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A successful webinar on 100% Automation and 70% Cost Savings using APA Conflict Minerals software live demo, was conducted on 29th June across the US and Europe regions. The compliance leaders and manufacturers, distributors from electronics, automotive, chemical industry at various levels, partaken and gained insights into the Conflict Minerals automation and latest updates

Topics Covered during the session

  • 1

    Overview of Conflict Minerals regulation in the USA and EU and their difference

  • 2

    CMRT Sections

  • 3

    CMRT Process Challenges (rigorous follow up, due diligence is time-consuming, consolidation, division/plant wise reporting)

  • 4

    Quality Checks Can be Time Consuming — We have 150+ quality checks.

  • 5

    Introducing the AutoGen CM- the complete automated CM software, features, and advantages

  • 6

    Live demo on APA Software

  • 7

    Latest updates

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