[Expert Webinar]

Design for Environment; Towards Sustainability

23th Feb 2023

3:00 PM CET & 10:00 AM PST

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Creating a sustainable and pollution-free environment hinges on the combined efforts of business corporations and social communities. Design for Environment (DFE) is an idealistic concept that focuses on mitigating the environmental impacts of products and improving human life. Opting for the best practices such as choosing eco-friendly materials over hazardous substances and achieving optimal energy efficiency best summarizes this approach

Topics Covered during the session

  • 1

    A bit about ourselves

  • 2

    Why Design for Environment (DFE)?

  • 3

    Environmental Impacts

  • 4

    Sustainable Product Lifecycle

  • 5

    7 Steps involved in implementation of DFE Process

  • 6

    Simplified version of DFE Rules

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