[Expert Webinar]

Upcoming Advancements on RoHS Compliance

Wednesday, 16th Nov 22

3:00 PM CET & 10:00 AM PST

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RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and impacts the entire electronics industry and many electrical products as well. The restricted materials are hazardous to the environment and pollute landfills and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling. To address such challenges, EU came with directive called RoHS Directive.

Topics Covered during the session

  • 1

    About RoHS Compliance

  • 2

    Background & Objectives of RoHS

  • 3

    Restricted Substance list and Scope & Exemptions

  • 4

    Upcoming updates in RoHS

  • 5

    CE marking & Future of RoHS

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