The Candidate List of substances of very high concern recently contains 219 chemicals. Below 8 substances were added to the Candidate List on 8 July 2021:

# Substance name CAS number
1 2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)propionaldehyde and its stereoisomers  -
2 Orthoboric acid, sodium salt 13840-56-7
3 2,2-bis(bromomethyl)propane1,3-diol (BMP);  3296-90-0
2,2-dimethylpropan-1-ol, tribromo derivative/3-bromo-2,2-bis(bromomethyl)-1-propanol (TBNPA); 36483-57-5
2,3-dibromo-1-propanol (2,3-DBPA)  1522-92-5; 96-13-9
4 Glutaral 111-30-8 
5 Medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCP) -
(UVCB substances consisting of more than or equal to 80%   linear chloroalkanes with carbon chain lengths within the range from C14 to C17) -
6  Phenol, alkylation products (mainly in para position) with C12-rich branched alkyl chains  from oligomerization, covering any individual isomers and/ or combinations thereof (PDDP)  -
7 1,4-dioxane 123-91-1
8 4,4'-(1-methylpropylidene)bisphenol 77-40-7

Uses and Background:

Newly added chemicals are used in consumer products such as cosmetics, scented articles, rubber, and textiles. Others are used as solvents, flame retardants or to manufacture plastics products. Most have been added to the Candidate List because they are hazardous to human health as they are toxic for reproduction, carcinogenic, respiratory sensitizers, or endocrine disruptors. 

As of 5 January 2021, suppliers of articles on the EU market containing Candidate List substances in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight must notify these articles to ECHA’s SCIP database. This duty comes from the Waste Framework Directive.  

The following file contains a list of substances that were added to the REACH Candidate List of SVHCs and will be marked SVHC in IMDS on 6th August 2021.  REACH Candidate List Update (SVHC) July 2021


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