The California Air Resources Board has agreed with a consumer and commercial products manufacturing company to settle fines for violating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Due to stringent regulations followed in California, companies are frequently held responsible for not complying with air quality regulations.

Upon conducting an investigation, CARB staff found that heavy-duty hand cleaner or soap (non-aerosol) products were exceeding VOC limits for the same regulation category. The company also failed to fall in line with the manufacturing requirements for hand-cleaner products.

CARB fined the consumer products company for non-compliance with regards to both VOC standards and labeling requirements. A total of 6000$ was charged by CARB; this fine was calculated concerning the duration of the violation (three days).

To come into compliance, the consumer and commercial goods manufacturing company has removed the hand cleaner product from sale in the Californian market. 


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