The following enhancements have been implemented in Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) tool on 28th July 2021 which extends SCIP capability, introduces and stabilizes the new IMDS to CDX mass synchronization interface, and many tiny outstanding improvements. The three major notable features are briefly explained below:

IMDS Import

• IMDS import parameters have been changed. CXD no longer recommends IMDS-sourced standard materials being replaced with the most recent versions. Instead, it utilizes the exact version of the MDS that was submitted by the supplier

• User needs to copy a new version of the import if they need to modify (Edit/update) the IMDS derived data in CDX. This protects the integrity of the replication process

• IMDS datasheets can be imported only once by a single company to avoid duplicate data

• Legacy substances are now honored by IMDS import, rather than replacing with a supplier substance resulting in the Import being terminated


• CDX uses a reference mechanism in SCIP Dossiers for its own MDS. If an MDS is pushed to ECHA that contains “company-owned” nodes with a SCIP number, CDX will generate SCIP reference and not do a full Dossier. ECHA's limit of 1000 reportable items per Dossier has been removed

• Once the supplier data is accepted, CDX will support the user to create SCIP Dossiers, making it possible to use these for SCIP referencing

• The SCIP numbers can be modified at any node in the tree using CDX Web services which enables SCIP Referencing to be used on arbitrarily nested nodes

Web Services

• Several performance enhancements have been implemented in it. CDX also made few changes to operations which resulted in the separation of User Interface (UI) and import activities

• REST-based API (REpresentational State Transfer) web services are now available in CDX. This was done based on usage statistics and stakeholder requests. In the long run, it intends to phase out SOAP-based API (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services. Therefore upload, download, attachments, regulations, and SCIP reporting are all supported by the REST API for all key MDS operations

Stay tuned to expect several long-awaited feature updates such as CDX Dashboard and CDX to IMDS push in the next three quarters of 2021


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