Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (MCCP)

Medium-chain chlorinated kinds of paraffin are UVCB substances consisting of more than or equal to 80% linear chloroalkanes with carbon chain lengths from C14 to C17, as well as any other substances containing C14-17 chloroalkanes with PBT- and/or vPvB-properties.

Proposal for restriction

● ECHA submitted a proposal on 15 July 2022 to restrict the manufacture, use, and placing on the market of substances, mixtures, and articles containing MCCP.

● The proposal will now be evaluated by ECHA’s scientific committees for risk assessment (RAC) and socio-economic analysis (SEAC) and will be subject to a consultation.

Details on the scope of the restriction

● The Member State Committee agreed on 15 June 2021 on the identification of MCCP as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) based on its PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative & Toxic) & vPvB nature.

● Also, the Member State Committee concluded that other substances containing ‘MCCP’ constituents/congener groups with PBT- and/or vPvB-properties, and that such substances could also be considered to meet the REACH Annex XIII if present in a concentration ≥ 0.1 %.

● Similarly, the United Kingdom submitted 2021 a proposal for listing some chloroalkanes with carbon chain lengths C14-17 in the Annexes to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). This proposal might lead to the elimination or a restriction of the production and use of these substances under the POPs convention.



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