An update in the IMDS with the handling of recyclables has changed with IMDS Release 14.0. Two new categories of information reporting, Chemical Recyclate, and Bio-based content, were added in addition to the existing recyclate, which has been rebranded as "Mechanical Recyclate."

Recyclate reporting has also been enhanced to include categories 6. x, 7.3, and 9. x. For materials under classes 6. x, 7.3, and 9. x, it was not possible to include any recyclate information before IMDS Release 14.0.

Following the classification, we can enter information about the material's origin, recycling, and bio-based component with IMDS Release 14.0.

Materials available before the 14.0 release will be categorized as "Not yet answered" under the new system because recycling content data was not previously available. Please be aware that if an IMDS receiver rejects Pre-IMDS Release 14.0 materials from the supplier, the supplier chain may face an impact as those who are the creator of the materials will now be required to answer those ‘not yet answered’ recycling information. This can delay final reporting.

We advise allowing unanswered recycling queries for material classification 6. x, 7.3, and 9. x in pre-IMDS Release 14.0 MDSs as a result. If we are rejecting a request because an OEM won't accept a request with unanswered questions, keep in mind that you, as a direct OEM supplier, can update the recycling information in the Recipient-Specific Information for OEMs without affecting the entire supply chain.

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