16 November 2020: The survey carried out in 5 EU countries how citizens in Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, and Poland perceive nanomaterials and their potential risks to our health and the environment. The manufactured nanomaterials being a common part of our everyday lives, general awareness about their nature, characteristics, and properties is low. However, the level of awareness increased compare to the previous survey which may increase in the future.


The majority 87% of the study respondents want to know about containing nanomaterial in the product information could be added in labeling or packing the product label for food and food-related products, medicines, cosmetics, clothing and textiles, toys, and detergents or household products.

Every citizen in the EU knows the awareness of the product and their risk and benefits to ensure the public can make informed choices. Besides, the survey needs to take all 27 EU countries.

If implemented this will enable consumers to better understand how nanomaterials and nanotechnology are used in different products.

Reference: https://echa.europa.eu/


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