It’s an Act of Evaluation of chemical substances and Regulation of their manufacture. It was enacted in 1973 to prevent environmental pollution caused by a chemical substance that poses a risk to human health or the environment.

Japan will Ban 56 PFOA related Compounds

After the four rounds of discussion within the council, Chemical Substance Control Law announced that 56 perfluorooctanoic acids (PFOA) related compounds will be designated as Class I Specified Chemical Substances and send notice to the central environmental council under the Japanese minister of economy. This public consultation was held in march 2022 and this amendment will be officially released in 2023.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) (CAS number – 335-67-1) is a fluoroalkanoic acid that has a role as an environmental contaminant, a xenobiotic, a carcinogenic, and an endocrine disruptor. its salts and related compounds were listed in Annex A (Elimination) in persistent organic pollutants.

CSCL classified class I specified chemical substances are the most strictly regulated substance and this group of chemicals are prohibited from production, import, and use except for some exemption. Specified products containing these substances are prohibited from being imported into japan.

Two Uses Exempted

● For pharmaceutical manufacturing purposes, produce PFOB using PFOI;

● For invasive and implantable medical device manufacturing purposes, produce PFMA using 8:2 fluorotelomer alcohol.

Eight Kinds of Products Banned from Import

● Floor wax

● Textile protectant and antifouling agent

● Water repellent and oil repellent

● Textile products treated with water and oil repellent

● Defoamer

● Laminating agent

● Coating agent for optical fiber or its surface

● Fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents for fire extinguishers, and foam extinguishing agents.


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