The Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) announced that 204 chemical substances are included in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (IECSC).

The substances are identical to those specified in a public consultation, that was held in mid-March this year to solicit comments on their inclusion. They were manufactured in or imported into China before October 15, 2003, which fulfilled the IECSC supplementation criteria but missed the previous supplementation window. The previous two batches of substances, 394 in total, were included in the IECSC last year.

IECSC supplementation is part of China’s continued efforts to reinforce its new chemical management framework. According to MEE Order No. 12, a permanent supplementation window has been opened for chemical substances that had been manufactured, sold, used in processing, or imported within China before October 15, 2003.

Thus, businesses, who are wishing to apply for the supplementation of any such substance into IECSC, shall need to submit relevant information via the new system under MEE Order No. 12. The information required that are required are company information, substance identification information, main uses of the substance, etc.


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