The BoA (Board of Appeal) of ECHA provided a conclusion on a compliance check case(A-001-2020) regarding enrollment responsibilities for polymer importers. The monomers and polymers have been revised based on directions of ECHAs. This process done to place it with BoAs decision.

The BoAs decision includes changes in registration process for those manufacturing and importing monomer and polymers.

The basic changes relate to:

• The monomer should be enrolled by the importer or manufacturer of a polymer.
• The estimation of registration tonnages of monomers finished in the final polymer, it is going be placed as a reacted substance.
• The fact provided that; registrants of monomers should have the registration chemical safety report.

ECHA helps all manufacturers and importers of monomers and polymers to check the renovated guidance and it is also helpful to review their registrations to confirm they are quit provided these minimum necessities.

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