The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it launched a new application in Central Data Exchange (CDX), an electronic reporting website of EPA. Now, the website will allow industries/manufacturers to submit certain kinds of communication documents that are used to be submitted as hard copies to EPA directly under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) previously.

EPA defines that the new application will act in a more convenient way, which enables users to comply with TSCA reporting requirements in a quick & secure manner. EPA expects that the new application will be used for hundreds of individual communications every year. EPA states that the application is located under the Chemical Safety and Pesticide Programs (CSPP) data flow.

The following are the various types of communication supported by the new application:

• General Confidential Correspondence

• Requests for Chemical Information

• Pre-manufacture Notice, The PMN Corrections for Submissions made before 2016

• Copy of Record Requests

The above documents were submitted to EPA as hard copies earlier. Even though EPA will continue accepting paper documents, it highly recommends users submit them electronically, since the paper documents could take longer to process.


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