US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a suite of action plans to address an emerging chemical of concern PFAS & protect public health.

Under the Safe water-drinking act, the agency is taking the next step on PFOA & PFOS substances by issuing a final regulatory determination. Under this, EPA will initiate further analysis, scientific review & opportunity for public comments. In addition to this EPA is planning to fast track evaluation for additional PFAS in the future.

EPA outlines the following as its action plans against the Per and Poly fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS);

• Demonstrating the agency’s critical national leadership by providing both short-term solutions and long-term strategies to address this as an important issue.

• Providing a multi-media, multi-program, national research, and risk communication plan to address this emerging environmental challenge.

• Responding to the extensive public input the agency has received over the past year during the PFAS National Leadership Summit, multiple community engagements, and through the public docket.



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