IMDS 13.0 was planned to be released on March 10, 2021. Later, the IMDS steering committee decided to postpone due to the following reasons,

• They required time for IMDS-Advanced Interface (IMDS-AI) relevant development

• The time needed for necessary adjustments to in-house systems of suppliers and manufacturers

Later, IMDS 13.0 was mentioned to be released on May 19, 2021

Furthermore, many companies are waiting for the implementation of SCIP submission in IMDS while taking the decision this also make a consideration. Also, this release expected the following changes to be updated,

• Adding new required attributes and interface to transfer MDSs one by one to SCIP

• Increased precision for portions

• Support for multi-sourcing

• Consideration of the lower threshold for available selection of Application Codes

• Threshold parameter for every Where-Used Analysis related to substances

• Where-Used Analysis for MDS’s with recyclate information

• Change recyclate handling for polymer materials

• Re-establishment of certain default application codes

• Deactivation of Recommendation IMDS019 Semi-component MDS

• Deactivation of Material Classifications 8.x

• Deactivation of other Material Classifications

• Other IMDS-AI-relevant changes


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