Since its inception back in the year 2000, the International Materials Data System(IMDS) has paved the way to provide a reliable data platform for the automobile industry. IMDS, unlike other EU regulations, was a result of joint development of Audi, Ford, Opel, Porsche, EDS, BMW, Daimler, VW & Volvo.

Being a global data repository, IMDS encompasses all information of materials present in finished automobile goods.

Over the years, IMDS has become a global standard being used by the vast majority of global OEMs in the automobile sector. In the initial years of the IMDS launch, it was relatively easier for OEMs and other stakeholders to manage the data process. Uploading, retrieving, and maintaining the collected data was far less complex.

But with the exponential rise in industrial output per unit, opening of new markets, and the regulations that come along with the new markets, it’s getting harder & concerning for OEM’s to keep up the pace and complete IMDS reports.

Precisely, there are four major steps that the automotive industry follows to achieve IMDS compliance.

1. BOM Analysis

2. Supplier follow-ups via email and other modes

3. Validation of the received MDS parts

4. Building the BOM Tree structure

Although the four stems might seem rudimentary and easy to execute, it’s mostly not.

APA Engineering, through its 20+ year compliance and IMDS submission expertise, has come up with the right solution to almost automating the compliance for you. MDS Xpress software can quickly & efficiently automate the IMDS compliance with the exception of step 3, while saving several work hours every week. Sounds interesting?

Let’s discuss in brief as to how MDS Xpress can help you navigate and automate the IMDS Submission.

1. Structure Creation: It was a consuming task to create IMDS structures for every material/article, but the MDS Xpress does this very efficiently. IMDS structures can now be created at a rapid pace.

2. Errors & Errors: Manual work entails rigorousness and possibilities of errors every now and then. Organisations face the impact of errors in multiple forms. Errors are prone when humans are involved. But the MDS Xpress is strategically developed to achieve zero errors in data submission.

3. Supplier Database: The record of each article from the supplier has to be maintained. The data has to be entered in a timely and error-free manner. This itself is a tedious task, and when you have multiple suppliers, the task becomes even more daunting. MDS Xpress allows you to easily manage single or multiple supplier databases without the need for manual intervention.

4. Contacting Suppliers: Earlier methods required contacting each supplier via phone, email, etc., at regular intervals to be constantly updated. Now, MDS Xpress takes care of this tedious task through automated supplier follow-ups, which will definitely save abundant working hours for your business.

5. Handling Customer Data: Lack of right processes in managing customer data while ensuring it’s safety brings along difficulties that need immediate addressing. Thankfully, MDS Xpress provides a secure and easy to use the system to handle all of your customer data, from one single platform.

6. BOM Analysis: As a business, your focus should be on increasing production to meet the market demands. You shouldn’t be concerned about performing accurate BOM(Bill of materials) analysis for all of your products. MDS Xpress takes away that pain point instantly by performing in-depth and accurate analysis every time.

7. Project Statistics: Businesses execute several projects on a day to day basis to satisfy clients. They require a reliable system to keep track of the project and the statistics that come with it. With MDS Xpress, they get the right platform to enable detailed project statistics and precise IMDS reports.

8. Resource Allocation: Using the traditional IMDS compliance techniques very often leads to resource depletion for organisations as several work hours are burned every week in completing manual tasks. MDS Xpress allows for automating all manual tasks in order to save resources in abundance.

9. Confidentiality Risks: When IMDS compliance tasks are carried out with the involvement of multiple stakeholders and that too manually, it poses considerable risk of data confidentiality breach risks. Data breach is one aspect any business can’t ignore given the rising number of cyber attacks as well as internal breaches. That’s why MDS Xpress platform assures data confidentiality saving you from any possible threats and legal suits.


As per a recent study, nearly 70% of workers believe automation will bring opportunities to qualify for higher-skilled work. Your employees shouldn’t be doing laborious tasks and processes that can be automated with minimal efforts. They should be involved in ideating new products & services that enable you to exceed your business targets. APA Engineering has proven expertise in helping companies automate their IMDS submission process. Their flagship software, MDS Xpress, is being used by the automotive industry in large numbers to effectively achieve and automate IMDS compliance. It’s relatively easy to set up your IMDS automation. Get in touch with our solution experts today!


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