In accordance with the REACH Regulation, the most recent update to the International Uniform Chemical Information Database incorporates the revised information requirements. Companies are helped by the new forms and completeness check procedures in reporting their compliance with REACH regulations.

The European Commission improved the safety and management of chemical compounds in the European Union by clarifying the REACH disclosure requirements (Annexes VI to XI) in 2021 and 2022.

The main elements of the IUCLID update are:

• Revised REACH Annexes: To comply with the revised REACH information standards, the data formats and completeness check rules have been modified. The revised REACH registration completeness checks will take effect as of June 1, 2023, because of this release.
• Expanded format support: The IUCLID release debuts the first iteration of the format to satisfy Drinking Water Directive specifications, allowing for a better assessment of chemical constituents in drinking water. The following IUCLID release will include a review and finalization of this format.
• OECD harmonized templates: The most recent version of these templates includes upgrades and enhancements. These templates now consider the most current OECD test criteria modifications, enabling more precise and uniform reporting of chemical testing.
• SPC for the BPR Summary of Product Characteristics The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) format has been modified as part of the IUCLID upgrade, enabling a smooth transfer from the SPC Editor to IUCLID. By the end of the year, this shift is expected to be finished, guaranteeing a simplified procedure for biocidal goods.

ECHA has revised the REACH and CLP guides to reflect this modification to help businesses adjust to the changes. The Chemical Safety Assessment and Reporting Tool (Chesar), which is compatible with this IUCLID edition, will also soon be available in a new version.


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