The European Commission has presented the REPowerEU Plan, its response to the difficulties and global energy market disorder caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. There is a double necessity to convert Europe's energy system by closing the EU's dependence on Russian fossils.

And the measures in the REPowerEU Plan can react to this desire, through energy savings, a divergence of energy supplies, and speeded roll-out of renewable energy to substitute fossil fuels in homes, industry, and power hubs.

And accelerating the rollout of renewables utilizing a huge grading-up and speeding-up of renewable energy in power generation, industry, buildings, and transport will accelerate our independence, give a boost to the green transition, and reduce prices over time as well.

Also, there are some other initiatives like Solar Rooftop Initiative, Double-up the rate of utilization of heat pumps, Setting a target of 10 million tonnes of domestic renewable hydrogen, the Biomethane Action Plan, etc..; to improve the green transition.


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