The major updates are: 

  1. 1. Minor revisions to correct reported issues including those related to the “Declaration”, “Checker” and “Smelter List” tabs,
  2. 2. And Chinese and Korean translations are revised in the newer template.

In addition, an important thing to note is that there are about 2 types of Mica: 

Mica (Natural) Natural mica is a mineral that is mined or naturally occurring, such as muscovite and phlogopite.
Mica (Synthetic) Synthetic mica (fluorophlogopite) is a man-made material composed of such materials as magnesium, aluminum, and silicon.

Moreover, according to EMRT, only natural Mica is only concerned.


Now more companies are switching to synthetic mica since it brings more benefits and so we hope they are free from responsible sourcing matters.

  • 1. The New MRT v 1.01 is available on this link à MRT 1.01
  • 2. Also, the guide on how to fill EMRT is available here à EMRT Guide
  • 3. The next version of the EMRT is anticipated to be released in the Fall of 2022.

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