Enhancements of the upcoming IMDS 13 release had been discussed in the IMDS user convention webinar. And they are as follows:


• Multisourcing is nothing but the part that is received from multiple suppliers.

• This multisourcing enhancement helps to attach all the similar parts received from different suppliers in the same parent node.

• To get used to this functionality, we could see an additional option as “Alternative Reference” along with the reference & node option under the Add component icon after the IMDS release 13

• Once the multisource parts are added they will be grey until the box Preferred MDS is checked for the data which we need to use among those multiple sourced parts

• Also, we can see 4 dots near the parent component in the MDS structure that indicates the end item contains multi-sourced parts.

• This option is only available for the component and not for the semi-component and material. Also, we can only add accepted/own MDS under the alternative reference option and not able to create a node.

• An error will appear if the weight deviates b/w the alternative MDSs.

Deactivation of Rec019

• After IMDS 13 release, Rec019 datasheets will be deactivated. So that, none of the component/Semi-component can be created using this Rec019 datasheet.

• Though it is going to be deactivated, the existing datasheets which are already submitted/own MDS data(components) contains Rec019 datasheets can be sent to the customer since it will lead only warning but, Error appears when we create a component (copy new version/datasheet of old one) which directly contains Rec019 datasheets..

• Usage of Rec019 datasheets can be accepted/rejected by the customer based on their criteria.

SCIP Interface

The following attributes will be available for SCIP submission through IMDS.

a) Article category

b) Material category / Mixture category / Other category

c) Safe use instructions

d) SCIP submission No

e) SCIP No

• SVHC analysis for SCIP submission can be done using the Where used analysis function with the required updates related to the SCIP it seems.

• SCIP submission can be made only after submitting the data to the customer/Internal release as follows “Function -> Submit MDS to SCIP”.

• SVHC marked as confidential will show a validation error. After the successful validation, we can make the SCIP submission to ECHA

a) Article category

Article category is nothing but a TARIC code and which undergoes default selection. And, it can also be edited and/or added if required.

b) Material Category

This is also a default selection based on the material classification given in IMDS. And this can also be edited and/or added if required.

c) Safe use instructions

Answer for Safe use instructions is mandatory for SCIP submission

If the safe use instruction is necessary for the article, then the check box of safe use instructions should be checked and need to provide the instructions in the text free column which is mandatory once the safe use instruction box is checked. Otherwise, it will lead to an error message.

SCIP Submission Number

• These fields will be filled out automatically once the SCIP submission is made to ECHA. We will get SCIP submission Number right after the submission is made and the SCIP Number will be provided after the validation is done by ECHA.

• SCIP Number will remain the same even the update is made but, SCIP submission Number will get changed if there is any update.

• If we going to make “Referencing”, then we can fill the SCIP Number field with the help of our supplier since they made the SCIP submission for that particular article and got the SCIP Number for the same.

• If the SCIP submission is already made for any of the articles that were added in the end item, then we can simply enter the SCIP number of that Article in the SCIP Number field for that particular Article. This is called “Referencing”.

Deactivation of Material Classification

• Some of the generic classification (Ex. 8.1, 8.2, 5.5.1, 5.4) will be deactivated after IMDS 13 release and it will be working as mentioned for the Rec019 datasheets.ie., already submitted/released data will show a warning if the deactivated classification is used & error for new (copy) datasheets.

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