What is updated with the IMDS 14.0 release?

On May 10, 2023, IMDS 14.0, the most recent version of the International Material Data System, will be made available. How you record your materials for automotive rules will change in this release, especially how you report thermoplastics.

• Structure mix

The addition introduced with Release 13.2 for checking messages for different node types on the same level will be removed again. Instead, an option will be introduced to define the purpose of each non-component reference at the same level as a component.

• SC90 for filled/unfilled thermoplastics.

Less than 5% of fillers are tested for classification 5.1.b (unfilled thermoplastics), while at least 5% of fillers are tested for classification 5.1.a (filled thermoplastics).
A new group of substances is introduced, which includes all substances that can be used as fillers in thermoplastic polymers.

• Extended contact information

A contact person can be designated for recently created MDS requests. If the contact is later disabled, the company's default contact will be shown in its place.
To ensure that a company’s default contact is always set up correctly, company administrators are prompted every 90 days to confirm or update their company’s default contact.

• Disclosure of confidential reportable substances

All newly detected compounds in all materials in which they have been used are automatically revealed and tagged as "confidential" two weeks following each GADSL/SVHC upgrade.
Users are notified of the newly flagged substances when they first log in and must confirm that they are updating their MDS with jokers.

• Check for old MDS

When checked, all datasheets older than 10 years will show an error, and datasheets that make reference to datasheets that are 10 years old or older will show a warning.
Material manufacturers can mark their own old materials as "still valid" and thus avoid the test message for another five years.

• Techno-circular economy and bio-based materials

With this version update, the choice to declare the certification to specific standards and mass-balanced bio-based content is included, along with techno-cycle recycling and bio-based materials, through a wizard dialogue box.

Reference: public.mdsystem.com/en/web/imds-public-pages/release

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