The Office of Environmental Hazard Assessment is releasing a draft document summarizing the toxicity and derivation of Reference Exposure Levels (RELs) for Chromium, Trivalent (Inorganic Water-Soluble Compounds). These documents were discussed by the SRP on Toxic Air Contaminants which held on May 7, 2021, Zoom Meetings.

RELs are airborne concentrations of a chemical that aren’t anticipated to end in adverse non-cancer health effects for specified exposure durations within the general population, including sensitive subpopulations.

The Chromium, Trivalent (Inorganic Water-Soluble Compounds) RELs were developed using the foremost recent “Air Toxics Hot Spots Program Technical Support Document for the Derivation of Non-cancer Reference Exposure Levels,” finalized by OEHHA in 2008

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