IUCLID refreshed the REACH Study Results download file with over 100 new substances added since September 2020. REACH Study Results download file contains non-confidential substance data that was submitted to ECHA under the REACH regulation.

The study results of REACH allow to import bulk data into a local installation of IUCLID but on the ECHA website, only one substance may be viewed at a time. IUCLID 6 API, the IUCLID Data Extractor, or an advanced IUCLID search tool are used to analyze the imported data.
ECHA believes that allowing these data downloadable improves the safe use of chemicals through improved safety data sheets.

To identify and import only the substances of interest, an index is provided of the approximately 23,000 substances. Indicators have been added to identify the substances for which data may have changed in this version.

For more information on REACH Study Results, please visit https://iuclid6.echa.europa.eu/reach-study-results

For more information on ECHA data on registered substances, please visit http://echa.europa.eu/information-on-chemicals/registered-substances

Reference: https://iuclid6.echa.europa.eu

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