The Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) stated their approval of the below Active substance product type.


ADBAC/BKC and DDAC: The substance mainly used in animal hygiene products) such as disinfectants or corporal hygiene products (product-type 3) and products used to disinfect Eg: Containers, Equipment, transport, consumption of foods, or feed for people and animals (product-type 4).

The application for Union authorization concerns a biocidal product with the following insecticides:

Clothianidin and pyriproxyfen: It is used in pest control against insects, arachnids, and other anthropods (product-type 18).

BPC started their revised working procedure for active substance approvals and it will be published later on the committee web page. The European Commission together with the EU Member States will make the final decision on the approval of the active substances and the Union authorization of biocidal products.



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