The electrical and electronic products which are placed on the Chinese market will be marked with one of the following logos which depends on the presence of hazardous substances exceeding the threshold limit. A Hazardous substance table must be present on the product that lists the parts which are out of compliance and also the date of manufacture along with the non-compliance mark.

The detailed marking requirements for hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products are specified under SJ/T 11364-2014 standard.

i. Green symbol with e – It defines that the product does not contain any hazardous substance exceeding the threshold limit and it is a green environmental-friendly product that can be recycled.

ii. The orange symbol with a number – It defines that the product contains a hazardous substance exceeding the threshold limit and can be safely used during the environmental protection use period and the number in it denotes the years.

What is an Environmental Protection Use Period?

The Environmental Protection Use Period specifies the period in which the hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic products do not leak or change during normal working conditions and does not cause environmental pollution or will affect the user during normal use. And time calculation is defined in SJ/Z 11388 standard. The date of manufacture is the start of the environmental protection use period and it can be marked on the Product and its packaging.

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