Regulatory compliance refers to the adherence of products/chemicals

To relevant regulations and standards of regulatory authorities. It involves ensuring that products meet specific safety, health, environmental and other regulatory requirements before theycan be legally sold or distributed in the market.

Complying with local and global regulatory requirements is crucial for businesses to ensure consumer safety,protect the environment, and avoid legal and financial liabilities. Non-compliance could lead to penalizations, product recalls, damage to reputation, consumer dissatisfaction, and even legal consequences.


However, there are many challenges when it comes to implementing regulatory compliance in business.

  • Complexity of Regulations
  • Ever-changing regulations
  • Lack of Clarity for some regulations
  • Increased Documentation Requirements
  • Resource Constraints
  • Enforcement
  • Compliance across borders.
  • Budgeting Concerns
  • Data Privacy and Security

Embrace Regulatory Compliance with Confidence and Certainty

Partner with us and our team of experts who will help you navigate any challenges to achieve regulatory compliance. Reach your compliance objective with our “Five Key Components to Success”.


A dedicated team of material compliance experts.


Regulatory ‘Watch’ to monitor regulatory changes and their impact.


Robust Supplier Management process.

A dedicated team of material compliance experts.

Regulatory ‘Watch’ to monitor regulatory changes and their impact.

Robust Supplier Management process.


Software tools for process automation, data collection, in-depth analysis, and reporting.


One-click submission to meet deadlines.

Software tools for process automation, data collection, in-depth analysis, and reporting.

One-click submission to meet deadlines.

We are just a call away!

  • Call to brief your problem area.
  • We will help you pick the ‘right solution’.
  • Run a pilot with us for 4 weeks!
  • Satisfied, then partner with us.

Case for Success

A global TIER 1 automotive supplier reaches nearly 100% compliance.

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A renowned medical devices manufacturer enhances their 100% performance using our GreenCheck Software

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A global automotive manufacturing company reduces 70% of manual process

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“Overall the unique value of APA – a combination of engg scientists and software engineers”

Director – Digital Content Operations

“APA experts had all the answers to my compliance questions. I feel confident that we are well prepared to handle upcoming regulations”

EHS Manager

“Before we had to spend 2 weeks to complete our compliance report. Now it takes just half a day with APA’s software and compliance team”

Product Compliance Manager

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How safe our data with APA?

Your data are safe with us. We are ISO 270001 certified.

Does APA follow a common fixed compliance process or a customized one as per the customer requirements?

We understand that each organization may have its process; hence, we prefer to meet our customers’ requirements. We can also help you standardize and optimize your complex compliance process.

Does APA use additional software to improve the data quality / reduce the workload?

We have our own compliance software suite to improve the workload's quality and efficiency.

Can the APA team be available in our time zone?

Of course, we can!

Does APA have any TAT / Escalation to contact and collect the responses from suppliers?

Yes, we have TAT / Escalation to get prompt responses from the suppliers.

Does APA track & notify their customers of the recent updates in Global regulations?

We have our ‘Regulatory Watch’, which we use to track and notify customers of global regulations.

Does APA conduct free webinars for training our suppliers?

Yes, we conduct webinars regularly for suppliers.

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