EU RoHS, a directive of the European Union structured in a way to protect human health and the environment from the unacceptable effects of harmful chemicals. It mainly focuses on the restriction of certain hazardous materials in various types of electrical and electronic equipment. The law came into force for the first time on 01 July 2006 and to date with various revisions, the EU RoHS has proven to be well effective in controlling the usage of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices manufactured/ imported in the EU region. The latest revision to RoHS in 2015 has included four new substances (to the previous list of six substances) and has now termed the directive to be RoHS 3.

Though RoHS restricts 10 groups of substances, exemptions are given to certain substances because of the non-availability of replacements. One such substance that comes under the exemption is “Lead & Lead compounds” as various applications require lead without an easy alternative.

The European Union has again published a new amendment to the RoHS directive 2011/65/EU related to the exemption of electric and electronic initiators of explosives for civil purposes. The proposed exemption 45 comes into force from 1st November 2021 and will expire on 20th April 2026 unless extended.

Exemption 45 covers the products of “category 11 - electronic and electrical equipment not covered under other EU RoHS product categories”.

This exemption 45 covers only the below-mentioned compounds:

  • ● Barium chromate - CAS # 10294-40-3
  • ● Lead diazide - CAS # 13424-46-9
  • ● Lead dipicramate
  • ● Lead styphnate - CAS # 15245-44-0
  • ● Orange lead (lead tetroxide) - CAS # 1314-41-6

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