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Maintaining compliance standards for Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) for companies producing chemicals or chemical-containing products is an on going challenge.

Manual processes are fast becoming tedious, complex with growing requirements and evolving supply chain and not easy to scale up

Typical compliance challenges faced by companies

  • Error free on-time submissions

  • Scale up & mange peak loads during submissions and new product introductions

  • Managing complex and large supply chain with relentless follow up with suppliers

  • Efficient BOM analysis of thousand of parts to identify SVHCs

  • Respond quickly to new regulations

Introducing GreenCheck Software from APA

APA Engineering with over 19+ experience in ‘Product Chemical Compliance’ & Global client base has built this Web based SaaS platform to reduce costs & time and achieve comprehensive compliance reporting

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What Regulations can be Automated with GreenCheck Software?

Greencheck software automates most of the critical product chemical compliances
  • REACH compliance including SCIP submission
  • Prop65 compliance
  • RoHS compliance
  • Custom survey and other Regulations module

Greencheck Features

  • SaaS model

    Web based for easy subscription

  • BoM analysis & reports

    To build detailed tree structure

  • Vendor management

    One click email to get chemical composition

  • Separate login

    To Vendors and Clients for easy access

  • Complex objects and single articles

    Manage a in single dashboard

  • Full Material Declaration

    Vendors can upload directly even via excel

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Business benefits of using GreenCheck
  • 1

    Comprehensive compliance reporting - Single dashboard for all product chemical regulations

  • 2

    Highly secure, customized instance

  • 3

    Central repository for managing all the IPC 1752 declarations

  • 4

    Export all data in user friendly MS Excel formats

  • 5

    Handle compliance for parts, sub assemblies and assemblies

  • 6

    One click vendor management

  • 7

    Configurable modules for every industry vertical

Ensure 100% SCIP Automation with GreenCheck Software

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What is Greencheck?

APA’s in-house software supporting customers in meeting their regulatory requirements mainly REACh, RoHS, PROP65 & SCIP.

For which industries, Greencheck will be useful?

Mainly, it benefits all non-automotive industries in meeting their compliance requirements. But for SCIP, it supports the automotive industry as well.

What are the processes accomplished through Greencheck?

BOM analysis, Supplier data collection & follow-up, Validation & Final BOM-level compliance report generation

What is the input required to initiate the process?

Bill of materials and Supplier information

What is the output derived from Greencheck as per each regulation?

a) Regulatory Compliance reports at BOM/Part/Supplier level
b) Prop 65 Labels for affected parts
c) REACh/ RoHS IPC 1752A Declarations
d) SCIP submission reports

Can we do customized surveys?

Yes, it supports custom survey features both at part & supplier level.

How Greencheck can support in meeting upcoming SCIP obligations?

Greencheck supports in making bulk submissions to the SCIP portal using system-system service.

Whom should I contact to get a Demo on Greencheck services?

You can reach out to us through our email contact - [email protected]

Product Chemical Compliance Made Easy With GreenCheck Software

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