ECHA has recommended seven-candidate list substances to European Commission for inclusion in Annex XIV of REACH to protect human health and the environment after getting the MSC opinion on the draft recommendation.

List of substances recommended to include:

Substance EC number CAS number SVHC-relevant intrinsic property Latest application date Sunset date
Benzene-1,2,4- tricarboxylic acid 1,2-anhydride (trimellitic anhydride; TMA) 209-008-0 552-30-7 Respiratory sensitising properties Date of inclusion in Annex XIV plus 18 months Latest application date plus 18 months
Dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP) 201-545-9 84-61-7 Toxic for reproduction, Endocrine disrupting properties – human health
Terphenyl, hydrogenated 262-967-7 61788-32-7 TvPvB Date of inclusion in Annex XIV plus 21 months
Octamethylcyclo tetrasiloxane (D4) 209-136-7 556-67-2 PBT, vPvB Date of inclusion in Annex XIV
Decamethylcyclo pentasiloxane (D5) 208-764-9 541-02-6 PBT, vPvB
Dodecamethylcyclo hexasiloxane (D6) 208-762-8 540-97-6 PBT, vPvB plus 24 months
Disodium octaborate 234-541-0 12008-41-2 Toxic for reproduction

Note: PBT – Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic; vPvB – very Persistent and very Bio-accumulative

The final decision to include these substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in the Authorisation List will be taken by the European Commission together with the EU Member States and the European Parliament.

The European Commission decision will get published in the Official Journal and the Authorisation List is updated on ECHA’s website (with sunset date, latest application date, review period, exemptions).

What if those substances have been added to the Authorisation list?

Once on the list, companies are not allowed to use the substance after the sunset date. They need to apply and get authorization to continue using them.


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