The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has ordered three companies to immediately stop the sale and distribution of unregistered pesticides. The labels for these unregistered pesticides claim that the product helps plant growth. However, after the laboratory testing procedures were completed, the presence of a plant growth substance (paclobutrazol) was detected in the products.

Under FIFRA, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, products that contain plant growth enhancers are considered to be pesticides and are supposed to be registered as per EPA’s registration policy and guidelines. The main purpose of registration is to ensure that products carry out their purpose as intended by the manufacturer after-sale or distribution in the marketplace.

The inspection/testing was conducted by the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development under the order of the federal government. These products were also taken down from their respective company websites.

FIFRA states that pesticides can be sold in the United States only if they have been registered by EPA. Upon registration, it would be safe to say that the pesticide will not bring any harm to humans, flora or fauna, and the environment when used according to instructions specified in the label.


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