The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its Final risk evaluation for C. I Pigment Violet 29 under the Toxic substances control act (TSCA) on 14 January 2021. By releasing this final risk evaluation, EPA has been achieved a major chemical safety milestone in TSCA history.

Under the risk evaluation process, EPA has reviewed 14 conditions of use for PV29 substance. EPA found 10 out of 14 unreasonable risks to workers & occupational non-users (ONU) & no unreasonable risks to the environment, consumers, or public. This risk evaluation for PV29 is the final one to be completed out of the first 10 TSCA chemicals amended under the Lautenberg act.

EPA’s upcoming step towards this chemical is to develop a plan to eliminate or reduce the unreasonable risks that were found under the final risk evaluation process, which be done by the TSCA committee. EPA stated that it has already started moving towards proposing & finalizing actions against the unreasonable risks caused by the PV29 substance. The potential actions that could be taken by the EPA would be limiting or prohibiting the manufacture, processing, distribution, disposal, etc.
Below were the findings of EPA under the final risk evaluation process.

• The unreasonable risk to workers and occupational non-users from ten out of 14 conditions of use.

• No unreasonable risk to consumers, bystanders, or the general population.

• No unreasonable risk to the environment for any conditions of use.



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