The IMDS steering committee decided to postpone the date of IMDS release 13.0 from (March 10, 2021, to May 19, 2021) due to the required time for IMDS-Advanced Interface (IMDS-AI) relevant development and the time needed for necessary adjustments to in-house systems of suppliers and manufacturers.

Besides, many companies are waiting for the implantation of SCIP submission in IMDS while taking the decision this also make a consideration. With this Release postponement, the following changes will be in delay

● Adding new required attributes and interface to transfer MDSs one by one to SCIP

● Increased precision for portions

● Support for multi-sourcing

● Consideration of the lower threshold for available selection of Application Codes

● Threshold parameter for every Where-Used Analysis related to substances

● Where-Used Analysis for MDSs with recyclate information

● Change recyclate handling for polymer materials

● Re-establishment of certain default application codes

● Deactivation of Recommendation IMDS019 Semi-component MDS

● Deactivation of Material Classifications 8.x

● Deactivation of other Material Classifications

● Other IMDS-AI-relevant changes



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