REACH enforcement authorities checked how well companies comply with registration obligations as well as if the substance were registered as an intermediate was used under strictly controlled conditions.

77 out of 1193 (6.5 %) inspected substances were missed the registration and 180 (15 %) of the substances were non-compliant with registration obligations. Half of the companies inspected had a system in place to track and manage changes in tonnage bands (46 %) and uses (39 %) of the substances they registered. 85% were registered as intermediate and 80% of checked companies managed them under strictly controlled conditions as required by the regulation.

Fines, administrative orders, and, in some cases, referrals for criminal prosecution were issued by inspectors to companies who failed to register substances. As a result, the forum has made several recommendations to companies to comply with registration obligations and to keep registration dossiers updated and synchronized through appropriate tracking systems to monitor quantities and uses.



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