The US Environmental Protection Agency has made an announcement on the revised draft for risk evaluation of pigment violet 29 (PV29) chemical substances for public comment & peer-review under its Toxic substances control act.


EPA has released the initial risk evaluation for PV29 in November 2018. EPA stated that it has been receiving additional test orders & also volunteer information from sole manufacturers in the USA. According to EPA, the new data showed an analytical approach for potential exposure & health effects of PV29.

The updated evaluation shows unreasonable risks in 11 out of 14 conditions of use. EPA states that this significant updated information will make people & scientists make significant input for the final risk evaluation of PV29.

The EPA has issued a 30-day comment period on 30th October. It also states that a peer review will be conducted on this comment period among some independent scientists including those served for TSCA’s Science advisory committee on chemicals. EPA will use the peer review & public comments for final risk evaluation information.

EPA notes that this evaluation document is not a final agency action & only represents its current review based on scientific information on PV29.

The revised document can be found under:

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