The GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List) is maintained by a global team from the automotive, automotive parts supplier (tier supplier), and chemical/plastics industries who have organized the Global Automotive Stakeholders Group (GASG).

The GADSL only covers substances that are expected to be present in a material or part that remains in a vehicle at the point of sale. The GADSL will be updated and published annually in February concerning the team.

The GADSL 2021 contains more than 4000 substances: individual substances and all members of substances within the substance groups. The official GADSL Website:

GADSL is a standard in IMDS (International Material Data System), used to simplify identification and reporting of GADSL-listed substances they are marked separately with D or P in the IMDS system.

Now, 695 substances have been updated with new Actions which will be updated in IMDS on 31-Mar-2021

Substance Count Current flag New flag Comments
2 D Removed from GADSL list
563 P Added
106 D P Added
5 D/P P Added
16 D/P D/P Added
1 D/P Added
1 D D/P Added
1 D D + Phthalates group Added


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