Investing in Gen Z for brighter days ahead!

A sound investment in Gen Z will result in reaping long-term rewards of significant value. What is more significant than investing in one’s education? It is rightly said, “विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानं” (Vidhyadhanam Sarvadhanapradhan) – Educating a person is the best charity.

APA decided to invest in a brighter tomorrow by organizing a program for the students of ‘Anna University.’ The university was established in September 1978 and has been a forerunner in providing higher education in Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences. The University holds a global ranking of #1168 for providing high-quality education.

Anna University is a public state institution in Tamil Nādu and offers an affordable fee which benefits all economic classes. However, bright but financially battling students are unable to afford the cost of academic books required for their higher education. To bridge this gap, we initiated the ‘Reach Gen-Z’ program, through which study materials, books and college bags for those students were provided. We were refreshed in our minds and hearts to be with such a lively student group who have much potential to change the course of our history!