Product Design and Development

Product Design

Born out of rough ideas, product designing requires enhancements like mechanical part design, feasibility study, material selection, manufacturability, etc. through proper planning for a full-fledged part or product as the desired output.

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Automation aids in performance of repetitive Industrial work and achieving faster output with precision, safety and, consistency. This acts as the beginning and plays a vital role in achieving the new norm “Industry 4.0”. The biggest benefit of Automation equipment design services is cost efficiency.

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Reverse Engineering

As the name implies, reverse engineering is a process done in reverse direction. Though technology is leaping to great heights, the difficulty in gathering information for old and new products that are already in market without proper manufacturing details still persist. That is where Reverse Engineering services comes into picture.

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Rendering for Catalogs

The Aftermarket industry for Automobile components is highly competitive. Hence, it is essential to possess an innovative selling strategy to be ahead in the race. The scope is to create high quality realistic rendered images from line drawings of various products/assemblies to use in marketing collaterals like Online Catalogues

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Legacy Conversion

CAD conversions like drafting or 3D modelling work need most dedicated and consistent attention to get a desired result despite the idea that Legacy Data conversion is simple.

APA CAD design services provide Legacy Data conversion support that helps customers to migrate from outdated data like Manual/CAD 2D drawing or/and 3D CAD Data into Customer specified editable latest CAD data format.

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Analysis Services


Finite Element Analysis is one of the most popular and sought-after service in APA’s Engineering Services vertical. The team has an extensive experience in Static & Dynamic Analysis, Thermal analysis, Modal analysis, Fatigue & Fractional analysis,…

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Computational Fluid Dynamics is a key research and service area for the Engineering Service practice. The APA team has extensive experience with several aspects of CFD for complex projects. they are Steady state flow, Transient state flow, Aerodynamic study,..

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Manufacturing feasibility simulation

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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