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AutoGen CM Conflict Minerals Software

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AutoGen CM Software – Conflict Minerals Software

  • AutoGen CM Software – SaaS based solution for 100% automation of Conflict Minerals reporting
  • 100% automation of supplier CMRT’s/CRT’s
  • Complete key compliance checks such as cross-referencing between 3TG and Smelter Details in minutes

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Typical Challenges Faced by Companies for
Conflict Minerals Compliance

  • Poor response from suppliers

  • Errors in CMRTs submitted by suppliers

  • Auditing & Consolidating supplier CMRTs – highly tedious and time consuming due diligence process

  • Responding to customer queries on CMRT

  • Conflict Minerals data analysis for filing ‘Specialized Disclosure report’ for SEC registered companies

Introducing AutoGen CM Software from APA

APA Engineering with over 19+ experience in ‘Product Chemical Compliance’ with Global client base.
Conflict Minerals Software – A web based SaaS platform to significantly reduce costs & time and achieve comprehensive compliance reporting.

What Regulations can be Automated with
AutoGen Conflict Minerals Software?

  • Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold (3TG) – CMRT reporting
  • Cobalt reporting

AutoGen CM Features - Conflict Minerals Software

  • SaaS model

    Web based for easy subscription

  • Division wise reporting

    Assign CMRTs to multiple divisions

  • 1 Click to upload CMRT

    Direct vendor upload with unique URL received in email

  • Customizable Due Diligence

    Customized 150+ CMRT checks

  • Instant Due Diligence

    Supplier CMRT due diligence report

  • 1 Click Consolidation

    CMRTs consolidated in minutes

  • In Depth Analytics

    Detailed Dashboards for SEC filers & Customer

Business Benefits of Using AutoGen CM
  • 1

    Automation of Supplier Submissions

  • 2

    95% time savings in supplier CMRT Due diligence

  • 3

    1 Click CMRT consolidation

  • 4

    Maintain audit trail and track evidences for data-specific declarations

AutoGen CM Software Dashboard

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Why Choose APA for Conflict Minerals Software

  • 19+ years in the Product Chemical Compliance industry

  • Managed 10,000+ suppliers for conflict minerals project

  • Received 100% supplier responses

  • Offering turnkey solutions on conflict minerals since 2012

  • Managed a large 1300+ supplier base for a customer

  • Solutions to all regulatory compliance under one roof

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified for data security 300+ specialists operating on a Global Delivery Model



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How to Save 70% Cost on IMDS Process and Create MDS (even with 400 components) in 1minute?

The webinar concluded on 1st September at 10 AM PDT and 3 PM CEST

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avoid millions of dollars penalties by using apa engineering cibs software webinar


[Demonstration Webinar]

70% Cost Savings using Fully Automated Conflict Minerals Software

The webinar concluded on 6th Oct at 10 AM PDT and 3 PM CEST

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70% Cost Savings using Fully Automated Conflict Minerals Software


What is Auto Gen CM CS?

The Auto Gen Conflict Minerals Compliance Suite (Auto Gen CM CS) is a sophisticated but easy to use application that greatly simplifies your requirements for accurate conflict minerals reporting.
The tool also has a very simple and effective workflow aimed at significantly improving the productivity of compliance managers in this domain.

What is the workflow followed in Auto Gen CM CS?

The workflow is as follows:

1. Get customer request
2. Bulk email suppliers requesting/reminding them to submit CMRTs.
3. Get supplier CMRTs
4. Validate supplier CMRTs & send feedback
5. Consolidate all relevant supplier CMRTs
6. Submit to customer
7. Track progress on the dashboard

What is Smelter Master in Auto Gen CM CS?

You can upload the latest smelter master available on the RMI site into the Auto Gen CMCS application. If you have an alternative reference database, you can upload that instead of into the tool.

What is the Supplier list?

The supplier list is the list of suppliers that are to be validated for the customer. We can add the Supplier list manually or also we can add bulk supplier list by using the template given in the tool.

What is supplier mapping?

Auto Gen CMCS software provides you the ability to map a specific subset of suppliers from your supplier master, who would be relevant to the current reporting year.

What is View supplier CMRT?

Once the supplier’s CMRT is uploaded, the Auto Gen CMCS software automatically validates the CMRT for inaccuracies and verifies the input smelter data against the smelter master.

What is an exception report?

The errors that are present in the uploaded file is shown in the exception report. The user can either view the error/exception report generated by the software on-screen or download it as an excel file.

What is Feedback Report?

The user can send a feedback report to the supplier directly via the CMCS application. The feedback report is custom editable and the user can attach any files if any that needs to be sent to the supplier.

What is Smelter Consolidation?

The Auto Gen CMCS tool improves productivity by automatically consolidating all the smelter information received from your multiple suppliers. This process is also known as “roll-up”. If you have a large number of suppliers (& therefore smelters), manually consolidating them takes days for an accurate report. The CMCS can achieve this within minutes.
You can download the consolidated report from the application. This can be used for your submissions to your customers as appropriate.

What is a Dashboard?

The dashboard provides the various metrics that have been uploaded at the latest. It shows the number of suppliers that have responded yes or no and to which metals, and from which countries the smelters are present and at which level they have submitted the CMRT, etc.

Ensure 100% Conflict Minerals Compliance with AutoGen CM Software

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