Minerals like Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, and Gold (3TG) are often found in consumer electronics. To ensure ethical and responsible sourcing, regulations such as US Dodd-Frank 1502 and EU-Conflict Minerals require companies to trace the origin of these minerals, collect data from smelters in their supply chain, and report annually.

Challenges in managing Conflict Minerals

However, managing conflict minerals compliance can be challenging due to these reasons.

Supply chain complexity

Supplier Engagement

Traceability of minerals

Supply Chain Due Diligence & High-Risk Assessment

Resource constraints

for detailed information on the challenges of ethically sourcing minerals.

Do you find it challenging to monitor your supply chain and guarantee ethical sourcing?

It's time to resolve this with

AutoGen-CM is a cloud-based compliance management software that provides a comprehensive solution to streamline and automate the conflict minerals regulatory process. This tool efficiently manages high-risk assessments, facilitates ethical sourcing, and streamlines supply chain operations.

How AutoGen-CM simplifies your path to responsible sourcing

SaaS-Based Tool

AutoGen-CM provides users with improved accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Data Analysis

Conflict minerals data provided by the suppliers are automatically validated for more than 150+ criteria to ensure accurate data and errors are auto-notified to the suppliers.

Real-time engagement

Get alerts when suppliers upload conflict minerals documents, send auto-reminders to suppliers requesting conflict minerals documents, or notify them of erroneous data on data analysis.

Single-click CMRT Import

Suppliers can easily upload their conflict / extended mineral templates (CMRT, EMRT) through the unique link generated by the software.

Data Visualization

In-depth data analysis to provide accurate supplier and smelter metrics.

Data Consolidation & Reporting

Data from suppliers can be consolidated with a click to generate conflict minerals reporting at the company, user, or product level.

Why choose AutoGen-CM ?

  • Data Auditing - Maintain audit trail and track evidence for data-specific declarations.
  • Continuous Monitoring - Keep ahead of supply chain changes and emerging risks with our regulatory watch features. Stay informed with real-time alerts and updates, allowing you to adjust your compliance efforts swiftly and accurately.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy - AutoGen-CM eliminates manual and error-prone processes, saving you time and resources up to 95%.
  • Data Security - Autogen-CM prioritizes the security of your sensitive data and provides a secure, cloud-based platform that facilitates accessibility.
  • Expert Support - Rely on our professionals for ongoing support and guidance. We're dedicated to helping you navigate the complex landscape of conflict minerals compliance.

Here are some fascinating facts!

We have managed more than 10000+ suppliers for conflict minerals project

According to customer feedback, conducting supplier due diligence with our services has resulted in 95%-time savings.

400+ specialists operating on a Global Delivery Model

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