An eye for detail!

As an organization, we strive to abide by governing laws and regulations as our moral obligation. We understand how crucial it is to harmonize and maintain public order and safety, enforce laws, and prevent injustice in our community by the police department. To assist them in this endeavour, we have funded the purchase of security cameras for ‘The Tambaram Commissionerate.’

This was made possible by the MEPS Manufacturer Association. By Jan 2022, the Tambaram Commissionerate began operating with two police districts: Tambaram and Pallikaranai, overseeing 20 police stations. This was done to prevent crimes, regulate traffic and redress public grievances concerning law and order more effectively.

The primary function of CCTV cameras is to prevent crime and violation of laws. Through proper surveillance, it is possible to detect changes and be informed of any potential concerns. CCTVs can also help in tracking, investigating accidents, identifying traffic congestion, and preventing fatal injuries. This can assure safety for the local community. By September 2022 we assisted the police department with the installation of surveillance cameras in the highly prone accident zone and other Tambaram locations.