Finite Element Analysis is one of the most popular and sought after service in APA’s Engineering Services vertical. Several global engineering and process industries have engaged our FEA analysts to deliver high quality solutions in this area. The team has deep dive experience in each of the following topics.

Static and Dynamic Analysis

Spike load with yield criteria and Runtime load with fatigue criteria 

Thermal Analysis

Analysis of stress caused by restricted thermal expansion  

Modal Analysis

Analysis of mass movements in weak directions and identifying frequencies.

Fatigue and Fracture Analysis

Crack initiation life and remaining life calculations for failure. 

Multi Body Dynamics

Interaction between joints and contacts for full system. 

Non linear explicit analysis

Analysis of large deformations, membrane effects, nonlinear material, contact stresses,buckling, or nonlinear supports in assemblies.

Topology / Shape Optimization

Optimize overall shape of complex structures through length, width & thickness analysis.

Design of Experiment

Statistical analysis of outputs through controlled changes in multiple input variables.

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