Our client is a one of the largest auto components manufacturer and supplier of aluminium die castings to automotive and non-automotive sectors.

Why APA Team? 

APA has expertise in designing and validating fixtures for manufacturing process in automotive industry.


Simulation process for Gear Housing Fixture:

  1. 1. Performing static analysis on the Gear Housing constrained using fixture for the milling load applied at 45 deg.
  2. 2. Gear Housing is placed on the hydraulic pistons of the fixture.
  3. 3. Clamping load due to the piston are applied on the gear housing locations, in vertical downward directions and the bottom of the fixture is constrained in all directions.
  4. 4. Due to the applied milling load, excessive vertical deflections were observed on the centre region of the gear housing.
  5. 5. To reduce the deflection, fixture was modified with an addition of hydraulic piston support at the critical location.
Baseline Design – Deflection Plot
Improved Design – Deflection Plot

Value Delivered:

  1. 1. Recommended design modification and also performed analysis to confirm that the modified design meeting the performance requirements, thus giving confidence to the client to finalize the design.
  2. 2. FEA driven development approach thus significantly reduces the time and cost compared to conventional prototype development and testing process.

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