Our client is Heavy Machinery and equipment manufacturer for oil & gas, power and construction industries. 

Why APA Team?

APA has expertise in light weighting and virtual validation of large welded structures subjected static and dynamic excitations. 


To validate and optimize the given Base frame structure for engine and alternator induced loadings and provide weight reduction design recommendations. 

Simulation process for Marine Engine Base Frame Structure: 

  1. 1. Baseline Design Evaluation
    • Performing static analysis for the given Vertical, Longitudinal, Lateral shock loads as well as lifting loads.
    • Natural frequencies of the frame structure are calculated and compared with disturbance frequencies from Engine.
    • Evaluate stiffness of the Base frame structure.
    • Influence Stiffness Analysis of rail with resilient mounting system
  2. 2. Identifying critical areas and providing design recommendation
  3. 3. Perform optimization and determine the weight reduction potential

Displacement Plot

VonMises Stress Plot

VonMises Stress Plot

Modal Analysis – Bending Mode Shape

Value Delivered:

  • 1. Identified the critical areas and improved the factor of safety by increasing the section modulus by changing the cross section, addition of reinforcement and also suggested alternative material with higher yield strength.
  • 2. Provided 12% weight savings with respect to baseline design.

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