Our client is a major supplier of critical suspension components such as Steering knuckles, Brake drums, Brake discs, Hubs, Brake calipers, Carriers, Differential case to passenger car manufacturers like GM, Ford, Volvo, Honda & BMW.


For new Automotive Program, develop an Optimized steering knuckle design meeting the stringent weight target given by OEM and making sure the design meets all the performance targets for: 

  • Stiffness at attachment locations
  • Fatigue life cycle counts for various Service loads 
  • Permanent set under Extreme Nonlinear static load 
  • Permanent set under Nonlinear Dynamic loads 
  • Plastic strain levels under Impact loads

Why APA? 

APA Engineering is the CAE technology partner, leading the CAE driven development with 8+ years of experience in CAE drive design development of Steering knuckles and other suspension components, Validating, optimizing ( light-weighting) components, participating and participate in Design review meetings with OEMs, giving a competitive edge to our customers enabling them to win global programs.

Challenges involved: 

  • Developing a high fidelity model, capturing Bolt Pretension and Shrink fit effects accurately to account for Pre-stress, before applying service/Extreme loads. 
  • Arriving at a converged solution with nonlinearities such as Material, Geometric and contacts under highly nonlinear loads.

Standards: OEM’s internal standards & Test specifications 

Software used: 

  • Altair’s Hyperworks for Pre & Post Processing 
  • Dassault System's Abaqus for Solving 

Value Delivered:

  • Participate in Design review meeting as CAE expert representing our client and proving the lightweight design.
  • Entire development cost is just 35 % of the cost of typical consultant charges in USA. 

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