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Understanding IMDS

Since the implementation of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive on June 21, 2003, all suppliers to the automobile industry are asked to declare the composition of the materials used in cars, parts, assemblies and systems to identify the individual material components of each car.
The IMDS (International Material Data System) is an internet-based archiving, communication and administrative system for the automotive industry. It simplifies the process of recycling of automobiles. It was developed by DXC Technology in 1999 to meet the requirements of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) and to convey material data by safe and speedy means (refer also to IMDS Number).

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IMDS Challenges

  • 1

    Creation of an accurate BOM for materials demands in-depth knowledge of chemical substances and composition.

  • 2

    Multiple Regulations (and updates) around material & substance declaration​ - ELV, REACH, GADSL, ROHS etc.​​

  • 3

    Submission requirements vary from one to other customer. Need to follow the centralised criteria for all customers in order to avoid multiple rejections​​.

  • 4

    Manually managing IMDS submissions for large size BOMs (or) a large quantity of BOMs is cumbersome and prone to errors.​​

  • 5

    Supplier related issues like they may not have any / adequate training on IMDS, resulting in more errors in incoming data, being in a different time zone and language, or having less flexibility to fulfil requirement due to the supplier’s size.

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Introducing APA Engineering

  • APA Engineering is one of the largest managed solutions provider for European Union’s ELV Directive Compliance (commonly referred to as IMDS).
  • APA offers turnkey International Material Data System (IMDS) solutions to some of the most reputable OEMs and their supply chain network.
  • The solutions comprise both services by domain specialists and a powerful IMDS compliance management software called MDS Xpress.

Service offerings

  • Material research & Data entry
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the IMDS data
  • Compiling, change and processing of the material data sheets (MDS)
  • Software support
  • Supplier coordination – follow up, data collection, MDS validation
  • Communication with suppliers and clients in seven languages
  • RRR and Regulatory compliance Support, Consultation
  • Managing & Tracking of Hazardous substance
  • IMDS training

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IMDS Compliance process

APA IMDS Software Solutions- MDS-Xpress

End to End MDS submissions have the following 4 processes

BOM Analysis

Supplier Communication

IMDS tree structure preparation

Review and Validation of supplier MDS

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Customers of MDS-Xpress have gained the following benefits


70% time savings in building the IMDS
tree structure


Faster supplier submission using automated


100% assurance on the accuracy of data


Discovering unreported parts for a design change is

What do you get when you partner with APA

Access to deep domain expertise and knowhow on processes of other suppliers / OEMs

Better quality MDS from suppliers

Complete Regulatory compliance solutions under one roof

On time MDS submissions to customers

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Leverage APA's global compliance exertise to comply with the CAMDS regulations


Creation & Validation of MDS


Supply Chain Follow up


RRR and Regulatory compliance support


BOM Audit and Regulatory consultation

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Relation between End-of-Life Vehicles – ELV and IMDS?

End of Life Vehicle (ELV) is the directive issued by European Union in 2000 to address environmental impact of automotive waste stream. Whereas, IMDS is an internet based database developed to meet the ELV directive requirements. In IMDS, all materials used for automobile manufacturing are collected, maintained, analysed and archived to comply with ELV directive.

What is BOM validation and how much time will it take?

MDS Xpress tool will do the BOM validation in minutes, it will provide supplier parts progress report in the dashboard.

How do you manage substances which do not have CAS numbers but only categories?

As per the current regulation, IMDS and GADSL has all the substances categories, using this we can check the compliance of the material, but creation is not possible if only substance category given.

Any simple way to do supplier follow-up?

Supplier follow-up activity for the unreported and rejected parts can be traced by using the email option within the tool.

Can I access to the IMDS software?

Yes, if customer wants to access the tool, APA can provide the access license.

If CAS number is not provided, then how do you check for declaration?

Using substances name, EINECS No and EU index we can make the declaration in IMDS. For accurate result CAS number is preferable.

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