For the benefit of numerous international on-road vehicle manufacturers (including car, truck, bus, and motorcycle manufacturers), NetServ Deutschland GmbH (legal successor of the EDS Operations Services GmbH), DXC developed and operates the IMDS (International Material Data System) intending to facilitate the gathering of environmentally relevant information as well as corporate social responsibility and sustainability

● Users of IMDS who are prompted to confirm after logging into IMDS will receive notice 30 days before the activation on the IMDS web pages as well as via email.

● The main goal of the IMDS amendment is to permit IMDS-registered businesses (OEMs and suppliers) to use existing IMDS data for longer to comply with legal or regulatory duties in the areas of sustainability, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility.

● It is not connected to a change in IMDS functionality. However, further IMDS capability may be added in the future to facilitate data gathering for some of the mentioned criteria, following the process for defining IMDS enhancement requirements.

● In the future, when IMDS participating OEMs and supplier representatives collaborate, the same holds for adjustments to the recommendations.

● IMDS-registered enterprises will be more qualified and permitted to reuse already available IMDS material data or to take advantage of associated future improvements as a result of the extension of IMDS data usage in the IMDS.


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