05-08-2022 – The new revision of the IMDS Terms of Use Version 6.0 (IMDS ToU V6) will come into effect on the 12th of September 2022.

The major reason for the IMDS ToU revision is to allow IMDS registered companies (OEMs and suppliers) to prolong the use of previously offered IMDS information for legal requirements or regulatory agreements in sustainability, environmental and corporate social responsibility. A change in the IMDS functionality is not correlated with it.

Still, in order with the IMDS development obligations definition process, additional IMDS functionality might get implemented in the future to support data collection for some of the listed requirements. The same applies to future changes to IMDS Recommendations where IMDS participating OEMs and supplier councils start working together as well.

Please take note that the IMDS active OEMs and representatives from the supplier organizations (AIAG, CLEPA, JAPIA, PE) have formally agreed on this new IMDS ToU V6.

With the addition of IMDS data usage in this IMDS ToU V6 IMDS registered companies will be better situated and authorized to reprocess already existing IMDS material data or to gain from related future enrichments.

Reference: https://public.mdsystem.com/

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