Our client designs and manufactures mechanical Amusement rides in Europe.

Why APA? 

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design, detailing, and FEA of welded structures, automation equipment, welding fixtures, assembly line automation, work stations/work cells, and EOAT (End Of Arm Tools). 


The scope is to create manufacturing drawings for all the structural weldments of the amusement rides such as Vertical transfer unit, Support Beams, Catwalk Supports, Lift Constructions, track structures, and support. Since this project had a very stringent timeline, the client was looking for an external team to work in tandem with their design team to finish the design & manufacturing drawings within the deadline. 


  • Understanding the client fabrication standard documents and technical requirements. 
  • Studying each assembly structure and its operations for identifying critical dimensions to provide GD& T as per DIN Standard. 
  • Checking Fit & Functions for all mechanical movements and providing suitable fit & Tolerance. 
  • Providing optimum machining allowance and Surface finish for the machining parts. 
  • Preparing 2D Individual partWeldment part, Assembly drawings, and Bill of Materials. 
  • Providing the stamps and notes (General Tolerance, Material Specifications, Welding Specifications, Surface coatings & Non-Destructive testing) as per the client-specific standards based on the materialsstructures, and treatments. 
  • Ensuring adherence to Client’s quality requirements by a thorough Quality Checking Process for error-free drawings. 

Value Delivered:

  • APA Engineering is an “On-Demand Extended Design house” for our client. Design cost was just 40 % when compared to onshore. 
  • We have delivered the 200 drawings within 3 weeks, meeting the stringent deadline. 
  • Even though the scope is to only detail, we have highlighted the following issues in the design: 
  • Interference 
  • Hole sizes
  • Hole alignments 
  • Size of the fasteners
  • Unavailability of stock sizes in the supplier’s database.
  • Missing material information 

and performed the necessary design modifications which are appreciated by the client

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