Our client is an Automation solution provider for the automotive, medical, computer & electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, and other industries across North America. 


The scope was to create a marketing collateral of animating the sequence of the operations involved in the fully automatic PTU flip up workstation. 

With the 3D model of the design as an input, the various sequence of operations such as Moving down the gripper mechanism, Part gripping, Part picking, 90deg rotation, X-direction moving, etc., are illustrated effectively. 

Why APA?

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design, detailing, 3D modeling, Rendering and Animation of the automation equipment, welding fixtures, assembly line automation, work stations/work cells, and EOAT (End Of Arm Tools). 

Value delivered: 

  • APA Engineering is an “On-Demand Extended Design house”, delivered in a quick turnaround time of less than 2 weeks with significant cost savings for our client.

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